Employee Appreciation Day!

by / Friday, 27 September 2013 / Published in Uncategorized

It was  Employee Appreciation Day here at BOS Golf.  We had a tantilizing BBQ and our Chef was August.  He was  in charge of the grill, and he meant business with those grilling tools in hand.    Sherry helped set up the food table and got to sample the fixings before anyone else…lol
My dishes were a big hit and I told everyone the story behind one of the dishes…You’ll have to call and find out that story. LOL
Juan said he’s ready for a nap after the big shindig.  Nichole tried to steal the brownies but we caught her with her hand in the cookie jar and made her put them back!
Poor Kyle, he’s across the country and wasn’t able to join us…darn wish he was here to tease August about his “Chef’s hat”.
We did a great job eatin’!  There’s nothing like, Good Food, Bulging Tummies and Happy Hearts!  One big Happy Family. Thanks to all our crew for all their hard work!