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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose BOS Golf to refinish my club(s)?

BOS Golf is and has been the leading re-finisher in the golf industry since our doors opened in 1979.  We have and continue to do work for all tours and all major manufacturers. Our finishes have been played across the globe and has multiple major victories.  BOS Golf strives on our customer service and we will assist you in every way possible so that you can make “Your Club” as unique as yourself.

How long does refinishing services take?

Refinishing can take 4 to 6  weeks based on the size of the order. BOS offers an expedite service that will rush your order, this service comes at a cost of $30 per head and your order will finish within 10 – 14 business days depending on the number of pieces to be finished.  This does not include shipping time.

Do you remove minor nicks, scratches and dings?

Yes this is included in our refinishing service.  We do our best to minimize minor bag chatter.  However, it is dependent on the location of the nick as well as the depth.  If there is a nick or dent on the face of a milled putter, this would not be able to be buffed or polished out.  You would need to request that we re-mill the face. (additional fee will apply)

This will need to be determined on a case by case basis and you will need to contact our office and provide pictures of the area in question.

How long does it take to strip the finish off of irons?

Due to multiple layers of chrome, nickel and sometimes copper plating it takes anywhere from 7-10 days to remove all the plating before we reach the raw material.

Is paint fill included in the refinishing process?

Yes, you have the option of choosing your own paint fill colors.

What if my putter has a face insert or weights on the sole,  will that also be plated?

Typically no, unless the customer request that it be done to those particular components.  This will need to be noted on the order form in the ” Comments or Additional Finish Instructions”.   In some instances the insert or weights are made of a different material not allowing the desired finish to be applied.  If you have any questions, you may contact  Customer Service and we can assist you further.

How do I know if my club is Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel? Why does it Matter?

Available finishes depend on the material of the club. Carbon Steel has a softer feel, early Scotty Cameron model putters and most forged irons are carbon steel. Ping irons, most cast irons and “Studio Stainless” Scotty Cameron models are stainless steel. Call BOS Golf at 760-744-8735 to determine what your head material is before sending in your work order if you are not sure.

Is the Polymer available in other colors?

We currently offer White and Black.  Since we are the innovators in the industry we are always working on new finishes and new colors.  Please check back periodically for updates and new finishes.

Can you apply the Polymer finish to the face of my putter?

Yes providing it has a face insert.

Can you refinish aluminum heads?

Yes, but the only finish available is either the white or black polymer finish.

How do I care for my heads?

Our finishes can immediately wear after use and the rate of wear will depend on multiple factors.  Some factors may be how well you play, do you take a large divot or small divots, if the course is heavily fertilized, types of grass, course type, and player’s ability and if the person wipes down the clubs after use.

Following the simple suggestions below will help prolong the finish of your clubs.

We suggest the following:

1)    Always keep your clubs dry. After play use a damp cloth to clean the head or one of our Club Glove Towels followed by using a soft cloth with a little oil or one of BOS Golf’s Silicone Cloths.

2)    Always store your heads in a clean/dry head cover to preserve the finish.

3)    Avoid freshly fertilized courses; avoid leaving your clubs in very cold or damp environments.

Can I use Paint Thinner or Acetone to clean my putter?

Absolutely not! This will harm the finish and smear if not remove the paint fill.

Should I send in my clubs with shafts, or without?

If you send your heads in shafted, we charge $15 per head to pull and re-install the same shaft. If you have a new grip and would like us to install it we charge an additional $15 to re-grip. You need to supply the grip. If you need us to cut the length of your shaft there is an additional fee of $10 for this service.  We do not remove Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass or Graphite shafts.

Do you offer new shafts or grips

No, we do not stock or sell any new shafts or grips.

Do you refinish Drivers, Woods or Hybrids?

Yes, it is at BOS Golf”s discretion where the paint will be applied on the sides and sole of the club. The crown will be painted in entirety but the areas outside the crown will be done at our discretion.   The fee per head is $100 plus shipping.  For technical questions please submit your question through our contact page.

Can you apply Site Lines, Stamps and other cosmetic changes to my putter?

Yes, the services below are an additional cost.

Do the fees on the site include shipping?

No, shipping and handling is additional, paid by the customer. We ship worldwide.

What happens if my putter(s) is damaged when I open my box?

Any and all heads that leave BOS Golf’s facility are inspected before they are boxed and shipped. If you purchased insurance you need to file a claim with the shipping provider.  If there is any other type of problem, please send us a written message explaining the issue through our contact page and one of our Customer Service representatives will contact you.

Why do you charge the prices that you do?

Due to EPA, numerous permits, air pollution control, vapor emissions, hazardous waste that our tank lines produce, lab testing,  chemical storage as well as annual and semi-annual reports that have to be prepared and submitted to the state and federal government agencies.  All these have a direct relation to the pricing.

How should I ship my Order to you?

Complete the order form online and enclose your order form with the package. Make sure you list all your items, list the type of process you would like for each item and write clear instructions for the paint fill. You may attach a separate sheet for paint fill instructions or diagram if needed. Orders received without paper work will be placed on hold until an order form is obtained. Important to note, you are required to enclose a copy of the order form that was generated and e-mailed to you inside the box with your heads. Otherwise, orders received without paper work may be returned to the client unprocessed.

What type of Artwork do you need for placing a Belt Buckle Order?

Artwork  needs to be submitted in the following formats:
In order for us to create a CAD Milling Program we require a Black/White File along with a Color Vector File.
The White areas of the buckle are un-milled raised/polished areas. The Black areas are recessed/milled which can be paint filled in any color. However, when choosing multiple colors for the Black milled areas, keep in mind that we need to insert a separator/rib so that the different paint fill colors will be kept separate and not run together.
This is why we require a black and white image so that you can lay out the design and fill in the appropriate colors in the black areas.
We suggest photocopying your color image in black/white and color in the black areas with the paint fill color. Sketching this out first will allow you to visualize the milling process and what we need to do in order to incorporate multiple colors on the buckle.
File Format for all designs and logos need to be as follows:
-Illustrator-Vector Format
-PDF-Vector Format (vector line format)
Must provide a Black & White image. No color images or Gray Scale unless it is accompanied with the black and white.

What if I don’t have any artwork in the requested format for my custom belt buckle?

No worries, there’s an option available that allows you to have our Graphic Designer work with you for an additional fee.