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General Information About Wood Customization

We are able to provide various paint colors but the most common for restoration/painting are Gloss Black, Matte Black, Pearl White or Matte White.

Most golf club manufacturers such as Taylor Made use decals for their graphics and site line/site dot.  Because they are decals we are not able to save the graphics or reapply them.  Depending on the condition of the head, we use at our discretion how far to wrap the new paint on the head. Or if the client specifies that they want to keep the graphics and such on the side of the head we will exclude that area from painting/refinishing.  If your head has any stampings, you may change out the paint fill coloring or leave it the way it is.

The condition of the driver will determine how BOS restores/repaints the head in a non evasive way.

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