As far as the durability on all our finishes they are all equally the same and in time they will wear (exclude the white poly it has a different wear pattern).

Our finishes can immediately wear after use and the rate of wear will depend on multiple factors.  Some factors may be how well you play, do you take a large divot or small divots, if the course is heavily fertilized, types of grass, course type, and player’s ability and if the person wipes down the clubs after use.

We suggest the following steps to help prolong the finish of your clubs.

1)    Always keep your clubs dry. After play use a dry clean cloth to clean the head followed by using a soft cloth with a little oil or one of BOS Golf’s Silicone Cloths.

2)     Never use acetone, abrasives, chemical cleaning agents or paint thinner to clean your heads, this will harm the finish and smear or remove paint fill.

3)    Always store your heads in a clean/dry headcover to preserve the finish.

4)    Avoid leaving your clubs in very cold or damp environments.

5)    When playing on a freshly fertilized course, wipe down club after each hole.


Black Oxide, All 2x, III/3x Satin and Misted Finishes, Chocolate Finishes, Patina Oil Can Finish, Aquamarine, Fool’s Gold, Misted Fool’s Gold, 2x White Polymer with either a raw face or a Secondary finish on the face.  Copper is listed only because it will tarnish and we recommend using a copper cleaning agent to remove the tarnish, however most people like the tarnished/aged look.  It’s a matter of personal preference.

The main thing to realize with our finishes is that there is maintenance involved.  By going to one of our finishes the advantage is that the club will feel softer and that will allow you to play with a harder ball if you want to while maintaining the original feel.  Our finishes allows for better control around the greens; mainly through increased feel.