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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose BOS Golf to refinish my club(s)?

BOS Golf is and has been the leading re-finisher in the golf industry since our doors opened in 1979.  We have and continue to do work for all tours and all major manufacturers. Our finishes have been played across the globe and has multiple major victories.  BOS Golf strives on our customer service and we will assist you in every way possible so that you can make “Your Club” as unique as yourself.

How long does refinishing services take?

Refinishing can take anywhere from 6 to 8  weeks based on the size of the order. BOS Golf offers an expedite service that will rush your order through before the standard lead time.  The additional fee for the expedite  service begins at $45 per head.  This fee will reduce the length of time that BOS Golf takes to refinish your order. In most instances your order is completed within 3-4 weeks but is dependent on type of service and additional customization which could add additional processing time. This lead time does not include time in transit for shipping.

Do I have to pay for shipping to BOS Golf?

Yes, you are responsible for all shipping fees including customs, duty and broker fees if applicable.

What do I need to do before sending in my club?

Print out your online order form that was emailed to you at the address you provided when you filled out the online order form. Enclose your club(s) without the headcover accompanied by the order form inside the box. Once you have shipped your package off to BOS Golf, we will contact you via email upon receipt and inspection of your items.

Do you remove minor nicks, scratches and dings?

We do our best to minimize the appearance of normal bag chatter and this is part of our “refinishing service”. This will need to be determined on a case by case basis as it is dependent on the location of the nick/dent/scratch as well as the depth.  If there is a nick or dent on the face of a milled putter, this cannot be buffed or polished out.  You would need to request that we re-mill the face. (additional fee will apply) It is important to know that while we do our best to restore your clubs there may be some that are beyond repair.  For instance, if you have a club that has pitting or nicks in areas that cannot be machined or polished such as the cavity area or back of the club, then we will not be able to repair or minimize those areas. We will do our best to make it look better but understand that we are working with a damaged club and cannot be held liable should you expect it to be completely restored like “new”. Our customers are always advised as to what we can do to make it look better and it is up to the customer to decide if they would like BOS Golf to proceed with the work. Many times we will request pictures to verify that we can perform the work to make it look better. Pictures may not always represent the issues at hand and to be sure we may require you to ship your club in for evaluation. Upon inspection of the club BOS Golf will advise if something can be done at which point the customer is advised and it is left up to the customer as to proceed or return the club back to them. (shipping back unprocessed is not covered and you will be responsible for return shipping)

BOS Golf recommends sending prior pictures of any areas of concern so that we can determine if a club can benefit from refinishing.

What can you do with a pitted and rusted putter?

This needs to be evaluated in person as it is a case by case basis. One thing to point out. If you club has surface rust most times we can successfully remove and refinish. However, if the surface rust has started to pit the club then there isn’t much we can do at that point.  Once pitting has occurred it cannot be removed. All we can do is offer a finish that can help camouflage the appearance of the pitting. Our refinishing department would contact you with recommendations on what to do with the club once it has been evaluated.

Painting & Silicone filled issues.  Finished Areas and what to expect with clubs with cavities on the back of a putter.

There can be issues on clubs that have shallow or very worn engravings.  The same applies to a very worn area or even damaged top lines that have a face insert. This can cause the silicone filled area that surrounds the insert to appear sloppy when in fact it is simply filling in the jagged area surrounding the insert.

Shallow engravings or even any imperfection such as a nick or  pitting are very difficult to paint fill.   If there is not enough depth to hold the paint (minimum .010) then we cannot paint fill that particular area.  Sometimes a portion of the engraved letters are worn more than the others. If a customer insists that we paint fill then it will appear that the worn letters were not paint filled properly when in fact there is not sufficient depth to paint fill.  In this case we recommend not to paint fill that particular area.

Also depending on the finish that you chose such as a poly finish this may impact the engraving should you already have worn or shallow engravings leaving the engraved areas with insufficient depth to paint fill.  Sometimes shallow engravings are not as apparent until we start to paint fill the engraving and therefore we do the best we can.

It is common to see mill marks in cherry dots. When the paint dries in those areas it will look like the paint is uneven when in fact it is a mill mark.   There is nothing we can do to remove the mill marks in those areas.

Putters with inserts.

Clubs that have inserts which are surrounded by silicone may have worn ridges due to the use of the club. For example if the top line of the putter is damaged or worn down and in some cases causing the top portion of the putter to come into contact with the surrounding silicone area this will most likely have limited areas to fill the silicone as the surrounding area is damaged. We will do the best to fill in the silicone area but it may appear to be uneven. This is not a poor silicone fill it is simply following the surrounding ridge around the insert. You cannot hide this imperfection.   

Polishing. What to expect on a putter that has a back cavity.

Any club that has a cavity and on the back of the putter will not be able to be high buff polished.  The polishing wheels cannot get into the crevice’s. Therefore if you pick a shiny finish the back part of the cavity area will not be glossy. It will appear to be more of a satin finish.  This is normal. 

Can we approve the work performed by BOS prior to shipping?

Yes, BOS Golf always takes before and after pictures of all clubs.  Our refinishing department sends out completed pictures for your approval prior to shipping.

How long does it take to strip the finish off of irons?

Due to multiple layers of chrome, nickel and sometimes copper plating it takes anywhere from 7-10 days to remove all the plating before we reach the raw material.

Is paint fill included in the refinishing process?

Yes, you have the option of choosing your own paint fill colors.

What if my putter has a face insert or weights on the sole,  will that also be plated?

Typically no, unless the customer request that it be done to those particular components.  This will need to be noted on the order form in the ” Comments or Additional Finish Instructions”.   In some instances the insert or weights are made of a different material not allowing the desired finish to be applied.  If you have any questions, you may contact  Customer Service and we can assist you further.

How do I know if my club is Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel? Why does it Matter?

Available finishes depend on the material of the club. Carbon Steel has a softer feel, early Scotty Cameron model putters and most forged irons are carbon steel. Ping irons, most cast irons and “Studio Stainless” Scotty Cameron models are stainless steel. Call BOS Golf at 760-744-8692 to determine what your head material is before sending in your work order if you are not sure.

Is the Polymer available in other colors?

We currently offer White, Black, Red and Tiffany Color.  Since we are the innovators in the industry we are always working on new finishes and new colors.  Please check back periodically for updates and new finishes. Please also note that the Poly finishes cannot be applied to the face of a club unless it contains a face insert.

Can you apply the Polymer finish to the face of my putter?

This can only be done providing it has a face insert. If you have further questions, please contact our office for assistance.

Can you refinish aluminum heads?

Yes, but the only finish available is either the white or black polymer finish.

How do I care for my heads?

Our finishes can immediately wear after use and the rate of wear will depend on multiple factors.  Some factors may be how well you play, do you take a large divot or small divots, if the course is heavily fertilized, types of grass, course type, and player’s ability and if the person wipes down the clubs after use.

Following the simple suggestions below will help prolong the finish of your clubs.

We suggest the following:

1)    Always keep your clubs dry. After play use a clean dry towel such as the Club Glove Towels followed by using a soft cloth with a little oil or one of the BOS Golf Silicone Cloths.

2)    Always store your heads in a clean/dry head cover to preserve the finish. Make sure that the inside of your head cover is dry and clean. Any fertilizer debris or dampness can cause immediate rust on your club.

3)    Avoid freshly fertilized courses; avoid leaving your clubs in very cold or damp environments.

Can I use Paint Thinner or Acetone to clean my putter?

Absolutely not! This will harm the finish and smear if not remove the paint fill.

Should I send in my clubs with shafts, or without?

If you send your heads in shafted, we charge $15 per head to pull and re-install the same shaft. If you have a new grip and would like us to install it we charge an additional $15 to re-grip. You need to supply the grip. If you need us to cut the length of your shaft there is an additional fee of $10 for this service.  We do not remove Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass or Graphite shafts.

Do you offer new shafts or grips

No, we do not stock or sell any new shafts or grips.

Do you refinish Drivers, Woods or Hybrids?

Yes, it is at BOS Golf”s discretion where the paint will be applied on the sides and sole of the club. The crown will be painted in entirety but the areas outside the crown will be done at our discretion.   The fee per head is $100 plus shipping.  For technical questions please submit your question through our contact page.

Can you apply Sight Lines, Stamps and other cosmetic changes to my putter?

Yes, the services are offered at an additional fee.  Please note that all stamping is done by free hand and therefore there will be inconsistencies with alignment which adds to the uniqueness of hand stamping.

Do the refinishing fees include shipping?

No, shipping and handling is additional, paid by the customer. We ship worldwide.

What happens if after having my club(s) refinished I don’t like the paint fill I chose?

We understand that sometimes what seems like a good paint fill combination when you are filling out the order form may not be a good choice once it has been paint filled per your instructions. Unfortunately a simple paint change isn’t possible.  Many folks may not realize that we can’t just remove the paint.  If we do this it will strip or harm the finish. In fact some finishes like the poly finish will actually get stained when trying to remove the paint fill.  You also cannot paint fill on top of existing paint.  Therefore, in order to change the paint fill we would actually need to refinish the entire head.   So if you are pondering what colors look good, feel free to contact us for some suggestions as we know what looks best on different types of finishes.   This also applies to a club that a customer may only want to have the paint fill changed out and not refinished.  We cannot do this because it can compromise the existing finish.

How do I report an issue with my order such as damage or defect?

All claims must be made within 2 weeks from the completed shipment date.  All claims must be submitted in writing via email. No Exceptions. Upon receiving your email BOS Golf will review the issue along with any pictures you care to provide and advise how the matter will be resolved. In some instances BOS Golf may require you to ship your order back so that it can be carefully inspected and determine if this is a defect that can be reworked. If for any reason it is determined that it is not a “reworkable or refundable issue” BOS Golf will advise of your options. Please note that shipping is non refundable. If a claim is made on a club that was pitted or damaged prior to BOS Golf refinishing it, the customer is advised prior to sending in the club that BOS Golf will do its best to minimize the areas that are damaged.  However we can only do so much with an already damaged head. With this said, the customer will be given options as to what we can do with the club(s) with the understanding that it will look better than when it was originally sent to BOS Golf for refinishing services. The customer also agrees not to make any claims for refunds on a club that was already damaged to begin with.

If it was damaged in shipment refer to that clause. If it was damaged due to improper care, there will be no refunds and if rework is requested it will be billed at an additional fee.  If your order has already been reworked and you were advised that it is a material issue and you chose to have us rework it anyway you will therefore not be able to make any future claims.  If you were previously advised that a particular model or brand has never been processed before by BOS Golf and you chose to have us refinish it, there is a small chance that once the head(s) are stripped that we will discover material issues preventing us from applying a new finish. At which point you are given the choice to have us proceed releasing us from liability or you can request to cancel the order and be refunded and that is only if no work has been started on.

What happens if my putter(s) is damaged when I open my box?

Any and all heads that leave BOS Golf’s facility are inspected before they are boxed and shipped. If you purchased insurance you need to file a claim with the shipping provider.  Please note that BOS Golf is released from liability once the shipment is in the carrier’s possession.  In the event that your package is damaged during return shipment BOS Golf will submit a claim to the shipping provider for the insurance value claimed on the online order form. If you chose not to include additional shipping insurance then BOS Golf may not be able to file a claim and would therefore not be able to refund you for a damaged parcel.  Therefore BOS Golf urges you to purchase additional insurance and to indicate the full replacement value of your item(s). If there is any other type of problem, please send us a written message explaining the issue through our contact page and one of our Customer Service representatives will contact you.

What happens if upon delivery there is noticeable damage to my parcel?

BOS Golf recommends refusing the shipment. In the event that you opted to “waive the signature upon delivery” and the parcel was left by the carrier, we urge you to notify us immediately (within 24 hrs) or contact the carrier to advise them of a damaged parcel. The carrier will advise you of your options and begin a claim. Most likely the carrier will either instruct you to drop off the parcel at the nearest shipping location or a call tag will be issued. Should you decide to open and inspect the contents, you will be assuming all responsibility. Therefore, it is very important to place all packing materials back into the box just as it was received so that an investigation of the damaged parcel can be performed. In order for the claim to be approved the carrier needs to verify that there was adequate packing materials. Do not discard any packing materials.

Should I insure my package?

In the unlikely event that your shipment be lost, BOS Golf recommends insuring your clubs for the value that it would cost to replace them. For international clients, you should also do the same. On customs forms we also indicate that this is a repair/warranty so that customs is aware that this is a refinishing project and not something that is being purchased as “new”. This may or may not help in reducing customs fee. Our order form will provide you with options for price declaration for return shipment.

What happens if my package is lost?

If your package is lost during transit to BOS Golf you will need to file a claim with the carrier/shipping provider that you used. BOS Golf recommends insuring the goods for the full value of replacement.

Please note that BOS Golf is released from liability once the shipment is in the carrier’s possession.  In the event that your package is lost/damaged during return shipment  BOS Golf will submit a claim to the shipping provider for the insurance value claimed on the online order form. If you chose not to include additional shipping insurance then BOS Golf may not be able to file a claim and would therefore not be able to refund you for a lost parcel.  Therefore BOS Golf urges you to purchase additional insurance and to indicate the full replacement value of your item(s).  BOS Golf cannot begin a claim for a lost parcels until the expected delivery date has been met. At which point a claim will be submitted.  Again, BOS Golf is not liable for lost or damaged items and will only refund what the carrier deems refundable based on insurance purchased etc. Handling fees are non refundable, nor are shipping charges to BOS Golf.

Can I file a claim for late delivery of parcel?

If you choose expedited delivery service or express mail and your package was not delivered within the time frame promised by the carrier, you may contact the carrier to request a refund for the shipping portion of your parcel. The handling fee is not refundable. For international shipments the delivery time is based on a few factors. The carrier guarantees delivery within the time frame promised. This excludes time in “customs”. If the time frame chosen is 1-3 days and the parcel is delivered to a customs agent on the 3rd business day but not released from customs for an additional several days, then the carrier performed its obligation. Any and all further delays are a “Customs Issue” and any claim attempted would be denied.

Why do you charge the prices that you do?

Due to EPA, numerous permits, air pollution control, vapor emissions, hazardous waste that our tank lines produce, lab testing,  chemical storage as well as annual and semi-annual reports that have to be prepared and submitted to the state and federal government agencies.  All these have a direct relation to the pricing.

How should I ship my Order to you?

BOS Golf requires you to fill out an online order form for each individual item. Enclose your order form with the package.  Adjustments to shipping will be made prior to completion providing all items can be shipped to the same location in the same box. Make sure you write clear instructions for the paint fill. You may attach a separate sheet for paint fill instructions or diagram if needed. Any corrections or changes to your order once it has been submitted need to be in writing. Orders received without paperwork will be placed on hold until an order form is obtained. Important to note, that if an order form is not obtained BOS Golf may chose to return your club heads unprocessed and not refund shipping fees.

May I drop off my order in person?

Yes, providing you bring your online order form with you. Otherwise you will be instructed to fill out an order form at our office once you have decided what finish and service you want done on your club head.  Drop off hours are:  Monday- Friday from 7:30 am to 10 am and from 12pm to 3:30pm. Please note that if you don’t book an appointment you may be required to wait should our refinishing department be occupied with another client ahead of you.  Our refinishing department takes a lunch break between 10:30 am  and 11:30 am.

Again, we will not refinish any order unless you fill out and complete an online order form, no exceptions.


Please see Refunds & Returns Policy located on the bottom of our Home Page.

What type of Artwork do you need for placing a Belt Buckle Order?

Artwork  needs to be submitted in the following formats:
In order for us to create a CAD Milling Program we require a Black/White File along with a Color Vector File.
The White areas of the buckle are un-milled raised/polished areas. The Black areas are recessed/milled which can be paint filled in any color. However, when choosing multiple colors for the Black milled areas, keep in mind that we need to insert a separator/rib so that the different paint fill colors will be kept separate and not run together.
This is why we require a black and white image so that you can lay out the design and fill in the appropriate colors in the black areas.
We suggest photocopying your color image in black/white and color in the black areas with the paint fill color. Sketching this out first will allow you to visualize the milling process and what we need to do in order to incorporate multiple colors on the buckle.
File Format for all designs and logos need to be as follows:
-Illustrator-Vector Format
-PDF-Vector Format (vector line format)
Must provide a Black & White image. No color images or Gray Scale unless it is accompanied with the black and white.

What if I don’t have any artwork in the requested format for my custom belt buckle?

No worries, there’s an option available that allows you to have our Graphic Designer work with you for an additional fee.