Refunds and Returns

BOS Golf makes every effort for your restoration to be done with the highest quality. Some projects have existing wear and damage that can not be remedied or cured to "new" condition. Because of this our clients need to be aware that restoration can have limitations. If you feel that your restoration has errors or mistakes, please contact BOS Golf  in writing to resolve this issue.

BOS Golf does not guarantee the longevity of metal finishes. All finishes will wear with use. Even with proper care a finish will be altered after use. However it is the client's responsibility to care for their equipment to avoid rusting, scratching or imperfections.

Refund Policy for defect/damage: Depending on the situation if there is a problem with the material of the club and it is not a plating/refinishing issue which is determined by BOS Golf then there will not be a refund issued. If it is an issue that can be reworked then a rework will be performed to fix the problem. The only time a refund is given for a service already performed is when BOS Golf has damaged the head beyond repair providing it is not one of the following reasons:

  • Improper or Insufficient information obtained from client
  • If customer is advised that BOS Golf has never performed work on their type of club and is made aware that if approval is given to proceed with work that BOS Golf will not be liable should we encounter problems during the refinishing process.
  • If club head requires stripping and the material underneath the existing finish is unknown or comprised of multiple metals which prevents us from plating the head to the desired finish.

Therefore it is very important to list accurate information on your order form to prevent any damage.

Refund for Cancellation: Most work begins within 1 week of receiving your club head as there are numerous stages that your club has to go through in order to achieve a complete customization.  Therefore it is imperative to contact us in writing immediately as to avoid not being able to cancel your order. However if the refinishing process has been started on your club(s) we will not be able to honor any type of refund or credit as it it too late to stop mid-process.  Credit card processing fees are not refunded when an order is cancelled. Therefore any cancelled orders will have the credit card processing fees deducted from the refund amount owed.


Refund Policy for Clubs not shipped: If you have submitted an online order form and have paid for your order but failed to send your club to us for refinishing,  then you may request a refund providing it is submitted to BOS Golf in writing within 30 days from the date the original order was submitted.  Anything beyond 30 days will be subject to review. Should BOS Golf agree to extend a credit it would be applied to your account rather than your original form of payment. This credit can be used towards a future order but is limited to certain finishes/conditions.  Any form of credit applied to your account is not redeemable for cash.