General Wood & Hybrid Information

We are able to provide various paint colors but the most common for restoration/painting are Gloss Black, Matte Black, Pearl White or Matte White.

Most golf club manufacturers such as Taylor Made use decals for their graphics and site line/site dot.  Because they are decals we are not able to save the graphics or reapply them.  Depending on the condition of the head, we use at our discretion how far to wrap the new paint on the head. Or if the client specifies that they want to keep the graphics and such on the side of the head we will exclude that area from painting/refinishing.  If your head has any stampings, you may change out the paint fill coloring or leave it the way it is.

The condition of the driver will determine how BOS restores/repaints the head in a non evasive way.

How much does the custom painting / restoration cost?

$100 plus shipping

How long does the process take?

2-3 weeks processing excluding time in transit.

Can I send my driver / wood / hybrid in with the shaft or do I have to remove the head?

Yes, either is fine. However the shipping may be a little more on your end if you send it in shafted.  Please note that we do not remove graphite or composite shafts.

Is the face of the driver restored?

Any part of a driver or wood that has black oxide cannot be refinished or restored at this point in time. However, if the customer request that the face be restored and agrees to have the black finish removed and replaced with a raw brushed finish BOS will proceed in refinishing the face.  Drivers or woods that do not have black oxide will have the face and sole polished which would remove everyday bag chatter but not remove deep nicks or gauges.

Is the bottom of the driver restored?

Any part of a driver or wood that has black oxide cannot be refinished or restored unless the customer specifically indicates that it is ok to refinish the face and is aware that the existing finish will be removed and replaced with a raw brushed finish after completion. Drivers or Woods that do not have black oxide will have the face and sole polished which would remove everyday bag chatter but not remove deep nicks or gauges.  The sole on every Driver is different.  Some have painted areas that are both a satin and glossy or may have emblems in which case  dictates whether or not we can refinish the sole.  If the sole only has paint fill on the stamped or engraved lettering and simply has a chrome or raw surface with no decals or emblems then BOS will use it’s discretion on restoring the sole.  You may choose new paint fill for the stamped/engraved lettering. Can I have the engravings on the bottom of the driver re-painted to the colors of my choice?

Yes, providing they are deep enough engravings / stampings.  If you have a specific color that is Custom and that you would like color matched with a grip etc, it too can be done but at an additional charge unless that color is a stock color.

Where do I ship my driver / wood / hybrid?

BOS Golf
1070 Linda Vista Drive
San Marcos, CA  92078

Coming Soon

Custom hand drawn designs will be available soon for larger driver heads.  The design will be limited as they are hand drawn.  We will post pictures of available designs.  You may request a custom design and we’ll determine if we are able to drawn it on the head.

Shipping Address:

1070 Linda Vista Drive
Suite A
San Marcos, California 92078


Main Line: 760.744.8692
Toll Free: 888.252.2569

Important Info:

All orders need to be submitted via our website. You are required to enclose a copy of the order form that was generated and e-mailed to you inside the box with your heads. Otherwise, orders received without paperwork may be returned to the client unprocessed.

Download & Print Layouts:

Include filled out layouts with your items to be refinished
Putter Layout: Download
Iron Layout: Download

Fill out my online form.

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Holiday Schedule-Winter Break

BOS Golf extends warm Holiday Greetings to you and your Families.  Please note that we will be closed from December 23rd through January 2, 2022.  BOS Golf will resume normal business operations on Monday, January 3, 2022.  We urge you to send in your orders prior to December 15th to insure that your shipments arrive…

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