The Leader in Golf Club Refinishing Services!

Our plating processes have been designed and developed based on feedback from golfers, teaching professionals and touring professionals. By applying one of our custom finishes, the player will benefit from the exceptional feel and extra spin that is produced by our processes. As an added benefit you gain the true feel of the club. Our various finishes permit the player to add their own personal touch making their clubs unique and one of a kind.


BOS Golf has long been recognized as the leader in premium finishes for golf equipment. We can work with a wide range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. BOS Golf is a company you can trust with your equipment, we have thousands of happy customers and have brought once abused pieces of golf equipment back to life for their original or new order. A refinishing investment with BOS Golf will not disappoint.


BOS Golf finishes are professionally applied and are completed to last. Care of the finished piece is an important aspect of keeping your equipment in great shape. As we all know, golf is played outside in imperfect conditions by imperfect people. Keeping your club heads and putter dry and oiled for raw finishes is an important responsibility of the owner. See more info on durability and care.


BOS Golf provides our customers with a wealth of customization and restoration options. You can utilize our online order form, or print out an order form based on your preference. With the details and payment finalized, you can ensure your customization is in good hands and will be finished by the industry leaders. See our forms based on club type to start your order. Shipping is the responsibility of the customer both ways, multiple return shipping options are available on the order form.