BOS Golf specializes in tour quality finishes for steel golf club heads. Most club heads can receive multiple finish options – from black oxide to a copper plating, we can take care of your customization and refinishing needs from start to finish.

Nearly every modern iron or wedge is plated carbon steel, which needs to be professionally stripped before applying a new finish or plating. There are some stainless steel club heads that have no plating and can be refinished with the raw stainless steel.

Once the original plating is stripped, we can apply a variety of finishes or new plating’s with multiple sheen options (shiny, flat/matte, etc.).

BOS Finishes:

  • Black Oxide
  • Aquamarine
  • Chocolate Patina
  • Patina Oil

Plating Finishes:

  • Copper
  • Chrome

Beyond our professional refinishing services, we also offer custom character stamping, custom paint fill, and other golf club services such as removing and re-installing the club head.


To refinish your irons or wedges, simply fill out the order form below; it will take down all we need to know about your club(s), as well as allow you to specify anything custom or important in regards to your customization. You can always refer to the pricing table below for our services.

After you have a completed order form, you can send in the club(s) via the most convenient mailing option. We will then notify you of the arrival of your club(s) with an email to confirm the project. Any discrepancies with the order or pricing will also be addressed at that time and will be followed up with a phone call.

We will then refinish your club(s) as soon as possible and provide a completion confirmation and shipment information when your order has been completed!

Questions? You can always contact BOS Golf.

Shipping Address:

1070 Linda Vista Drive
Suite A
San Marcos, California 92078


Main Line: 760.744.8692
Toll Free: 888.252.2569

Important Info:

All orders need to be submitted via our website. You are required to enclose a copy of the order form that was generated and e-mailed to you inside the box with your heads. Otherwise, orders received without paperwork may be returned to the client unprocessed.

Download & Print Layouts:

Include filled out layouts with your items to be refinished
Putter Layout: Download
Iron Layout: Download


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